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Welcome to Catwomans Jellicle Junkyard: The Costuming Corner "Unleash your inner Feline!"
The site isn't that old, but none the less has some of the best tips and links you'd find on a basic fan-site. The site is equipped with pictures to make things simpler for you and to make thigns less complicated. It has full costume designs for those who are looking to make a full costume using already made designs.
The site also holds costumes made by fans around the world. Currently I only have a few fans that have donated their beautiful work, but if you want, you can donate some of your lovely costuming as well.
This site is made for you, to help you on your mission to create a CATS costume and show your passion and love for what we know as the wonderful musical, CATS. Please, add this site's URL to your site links page, favourite it and use it as much as you like.  Let the site be known so all fans can use it.
if you have any questions regarding costuming (commisions, general costume questions, donating costuming pics etc)  or just  wanna chat, you can email me

Go to my main site to see more about CATS. Information, Galleries, Games, Polls, The Ultimate Jellicle Quiz and more can be found there Click here.
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Disclaimer: I am not part of the team who brought together CATS nor do i claim to be in any part of this site. This is a fan made site. I make no money off this site. CATS was created by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cameron Mackintosh, Trever Nunn, John Napier and Gyllian Lynn, and the Really Useful Group (RUG). Please don't sue me.
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